97 - Jigsaw/Mayhem

November 22, 2017

Back up in that ass with the resurrection, it's time for another episode of The Grave Plot Podcast!

Today in Real World Horror, we've got a troubling story out of Kansas that will chill you to the bone. We pick things up with Horror Business, where we discuss the impending doom of the Dark Universe. We also try to figure out what the hell Danny McBride is doing with Halloween, talk about a new movie based on a 90s classic, and break down a vampire movie based on a Marvel superhero. We close things out by talking about what Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is up to.

Wait, what?

In our movie reviews, we discuss the eighth and latest installment in the Saw franchise, Jigsaw. We also discuss the new office action horror from director Joe Lynch, Mayhem.

So strap in and take a ride on the latest from The Grave Plot Podcast.


96 - Creep 2/Cult of Chucky

November 10, 2017

Octoberama has come and gone, Halloween is over, and now it is time to heal. And what better way to heal than with a brand new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast?

In Real World Horror, we discuss the sale of an Arizona ranch that may or may not also be an ALIEN BURIAL GROUND. For Horror Business, we've got updates on Trick 'r Treat 2The Blair Witch Project, and reboots of The Twilight Zone and Pet Sematary. We also discuss the late George Romero's son taking over the zombie mantle.

For our film reviews, we discuss the latest in the Child's Play series, Cult of Chucky. Chucky is back and he's brought friends. Speaking of coming back, Mark Duplass returns for Creep 2, the second installment in the incredibly unnerving trilogy. How do these movies stack up to their predecessors? Listen and find out!


Octoberama 2017, Vol. 4: All Hallows’ Eve 1 & 2

October 25, 2017

Happy Halloween everyone! It’s time to close out Octoberama with our fifth annual (holy shit) Halloween Special!

We kick things off with some announcements. First up is a screening of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon that we are hosting and want you to be a part of. We would also like you to be a part of They Reach, the new movie we are appearing in that is now crowdfunding. We also gush a bit at Mars’ Bite Size Horror commercials.

We finally get down to Horror Business with a Real World Horror story about a Malaysian toilet monster. Yes, really. We go on to talk about a new Addams Family film and a sequel to Beetlejuice. We know, we know. Speaking of sequels, we also discuss the upcoming sequel to Beyond the Gates. Finally we discuss everyone’s favorite topic, Josh Boone! He’s adapting yet another Stephen King adaptation and has some big plans for The New Mutants.

For our film reviews, we discuss the Halloween anthologies All Hallows Eve and its sequel that’s not really a sequel All Hallows Eve 2. Will these be new additions to your October watch list? Or will they burn out like a jack-o-lantern’s candle? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to listen to the 2017 Grave Plot Podcast Halloween special!


Octoberama 2017, Vol. 3: Paranormal Activity/Thir13en Ghosts

October 18, 2017

Hey kids! It's time to get spooky (or is it spoopy?) because it's time for the first ever Week of the Ghost!

In this third installment of Octoberama, we discuss a couple very different pieces of supernatural cinema. Up first is the 2007 film that had a whole generation scratching their chins wondering if what they just saw was real before it spawned a series of terrible sequels. Did you guess Paranormal Activity? You win!  Your prize? A second review, this time of a film featuring Antonio Scarpacci, Shaggy Doo, and the hot foreign girl from American Pie fending off a dozen-or-so specters in a giant glass house. It's the remake of 13 Ghosts, which is for some reason called Thir13en Ghosts.

Don't worry, you don't need any spectrometers or EMF readers to find these phantoms, just listen to a brand new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast!


Octoberama 2017, Vol. 2: Dawn of the Dead/Zombie

October 11, 2017

Octoberama rolls on with week two, week of the zombie! In this, our fourth anniversary episode, we discuss the movies that first got us interested in zombie films. For Taylor, that movie is George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead, and for Tony, it's Lucio Fulci's Zombie.

First, however, we've got to take care of some Horror Business. In Real World Horror, we discuss a mortician who has been collecting a specific body part from his customers for years. We've also got news on a new feature film based on Salem's Lot, a TV show based on Scanners, and a remake of Hocus Pocus. If that's not enough, there's also a comic based on Pumpkinhead, plus find out who Robert Englund wants to take over the mantle of Freddy Krueger.

All this and more in a brand new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast.


Octoberama 2017, Vol. 1: Once Bitten/Nosferatu, the Vampyre

October 4, 2017

Octoberama returns for a fourth straight year! As always, we kick things off with Week of the Vampire. This week's episode is simply the reviews as we discuss a young Jim Carrey's adventures in love that find him hunted by a sexy succubus in the film Once Bitten. We also discuss Werner Herzog's German art house remake of Nosferatu, the Vampyre.

Grab a nice warm glass of O negative and indulge yourself in Octoberama.


95 - The Monster Squad/The Gate w/ Max Health

September 27, 2017

Max Health fills in for Taylor of Terror, who is off gallivanting around on the east coast. In this new episode, Tony and Max take a look back to the 80s as they discuss horror for kids. They review the movies The Gate and Monster Squad.

They also discuss a Real World Horror story about the streets of Baton Rouge running red with blood. In Horror Business, they give some updates on the new Halloween film as well as a new horror anthology from some well known directors. They also go on about horror on the small screen, namely the new season of Scream and a darker reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

So grab a Capri-Sun and some Lunchables and let's dive into the world of kids' horror!


94 - Death Note/It (2017)/Jimmy George

September 15, 2017

Oh, but they're back. They're the men behind the masks. And they're out of control. Another episode of The Grave Plot Podcast is here with a couple of new adaptations of old favorites. We discuss Adam Wingard's new take on the manga series Death Note as well as Andres Muschietti's remake of Stephen King's It. How does the live action adaption compare? How does the new Pennywise stack up to Tim Curry's iconic portrayal? Listen to hear our thoughts, plus our pal Wizdom calls in with his opinion.

We also talk about Real World Horror involving a cleaning crew finding something they weren't expecting. In Horror Business, we've got news on sequels to Creep and The Purge, plus stories about women in horror. We close out with a story about a prequel to Dracula.

Taylor also spoke to writer and producer Jimmy George about his movies WNUF Halloween Special, President's Day, and the upcoming What Happens Next Will Scare You. Jimmy talked about micro-budget film making and also discussed Script Butcher, a service he provides where he will analyze your screenplay and make it the best it can be.


93 - Puppet Master/Bloodstone: Subspecies II

August 30, 2017

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a solar eclipse? No, it's a Full Moon! Today we're talking about two movies from Full Moon Features. First up we've got arguably the company's most famous film, Puppet Master. Next up we skip right past Subspecies to Bloodstone: Subspecies II. Have a listen as we determine if these movies rise or fall. That was an attempt at a moon pun and it failed. Sorry.

We also discuss the loss of another horror legend, an all-clown screening of It, and the future of Stranger Things. And that's before we even get started on Horror Business! In Real World Horror, we wonder what the recent eclipse means for our eternal souls. We go on to talk about Adam Green's secret new film as well as a the conclusion of a couple trilogies, namely Dead Snow and Gremlins. We close things out with conversations about The Exorcist TV show and the latest from the Soska sisters.

So serve yourself a big ol' helping of The Grave Plot Podcast and dig in.


92 - Demons/City of the Living Dead

August 16, 2017

Ciao e benvenuto ad un altro episodio di The Grave Plot Podcast! Today is our salute to Italian horror!

We start off today’s show by going on a long, rambling rant about James Wan. It’s mostly just a lot of bitching and complaining so enjoy that! Next up is Horror Business, where we talk a Real World Horror story about a chupacabra. Probably. Not. We also discuss which Stephen King adaptation Andres Muschietti wants to do next, a new documentary about the making of Beetlejuice, and updates on Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen. We also discuss a new version of The Munsters and close out talking about Twin Peaks.

For our film reviews, we head to Italia, where we discuss two of the most famous horror movies the country ever produced. Up first is City of the Living Dead, also known as The Gates of Hell, from famed director Lucio Fulci. We follow that with Demons, from director Lamberto Bava and producer Dario Argento. There’s also a short discussion about what makes Italian horror stand out from the masses. We hope you enjoy.